Fulbright Student Project Publishes Speak Lovari Style!

Written by Fulbright on 10/10/2017. Posted in News

Fulbright Student Project Publishes Speak Lovari Style!

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Robin Cathey ’16 and six of her Roma students at the Wlislocki Henrik Residential College created and published a booklet called Speak Lovari Style!.

“This inclusive organization operates as a response to “elite” exclusionary societies by supporting Roma, Gipsy, and disadvantaged students through academic tutoring, professional training programs, and events which serve to strengthen their ethnic identities. Students study their disciplines and subjects of interest in their respective departments while receiving the support from the WHSz community. Some of the students are native speakers of the Romani dialect called Lovari–others are learning it as a second language. The book you hold in your hands is the result of a collaboration of these six students who hope to introduce young English speakers to the Lovari dialect, as well as some aspects of Roma life.”

Fulbright Hungary is proud of its Roma English Teaching Assistant projects:

and hopes to expand and continue collaboration with the Roma Residential Colleges and other foundations throughout Hungary in upcoming academic years.

To view the booklet, see issuu.com/fulbrighthungary/docs/speak_lovari_style

Listen to the audio pronunciation of the Lovari texts at www.fulbright.hu/doc/Speak_Lovari_Style.m4a

To download the booklet, see www.fulbright.hu/doc/Speak_Lovari_Style.pdf