Fulbright Student Project Publishes Think Roma Style!

Written by Fulbright on 02/01/2017. Posted in News

Fulbright Student Project Publishes Think Roma Style!

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Rachel McVey ’15 and three of her students at the Jesuit Roma Residential College interviewed six Roma students, university faculty, educators and artist and published a booklet called Think Roma Style!.

“In these pages, you will hear about how these people perceive their Roma identity. Although the interviewees talked about times when having a multiple identity is not simple, they all expressed that being Roma makes them no less Hungarian.

We do not intend to say that Gypsies are “super” people, without flaws, but we would like to show the other side of the coin. It is easier to draw conclusions from bad examples than discovering the community as a whole, but many people do not have the opportunity to sit down with Roma people and talk with them personally. That is why for this project, we decided to give the opportunity to Roma people to speak about their culture, identity, and community. In order to hear about different perspectives, we have done interviews with several people who work in the field of Roma education and culture. The chosen interviewees are ordinary Roma people who are working for their community with their heart and soul.”

Fulbright Hungary is proud of its Roma English Teaching Assistant projects (Cookbook Roma Style!; Roma Folk Tales), and hopes to expand and continue collaboration with the Roma Residential Colleges and other foundations throughout Hungary in upcoming academic years.

To view the booklet, see issuu.com/fulbrighthungary/docs/think_roma_style

To download the booklet, see http://www.fulbright.hu/doc/Think_Roma_Style.pdf