John von Neumann 120 Conference

Written by Fulbright on 11/10/2023. Posted in News

The John von Neumann 120 Conference at NYU Langone Health was co-organized by Consulate General of Hungary in New York with contribution of 10 alumni of the Fulbright Program to celebrate the scientific legacy of John von Neumann, the greatest integrator of pure and applied sciences.

Can we survive Technology? Among the panel members: Katalin Fehér (’21 Drexel University) and Bence Ságvári (’14 Indiana University)

The Fulbright John von Neumann Distinguished Award in STEM by former Chairs The Ohio State University Prof. Robert Baker ’22 & Viktor Chikan (’22 ELI ALPS Laser Research Institute) and ED Károly Jókay

AI in Healthcare – Are We Going to Live Forever? Among the panel members: Imre Varjú (’16 Boston Children’s Hospital) and Dr. Peták István (’97 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital)

Student perspectives – Among the panel members: Orsolya Mózner (’23 Columbia University) and Zsuzsanna Gedeon (’14 New York University)

Special thanks to Viola Kántor (’23 The Graduate Center, CUNY) and NYU Grossman School of Medicine Andrea Hines (’99 Karinthy Frigyes High School) for the organization.