Prominent Hungarian grantees

  • Prof. Dr. Zoltán Abádi-Nagy, Former Rector, University of Debrecen,
    AY 1987-1990, University of Minnesota,
    University of Oklahoma and University of California, Irvine

  • Prof. Dr. Sándor Damjanovich, Member of the Academy,
    AY 1996-1997, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD

  • Dr. Zoltán Fejős, Director, Museum of Ethnography,
    AY 1992-1993, Yale University

  • Prof. Dr. Tibor Frank, Director, Eötvös L. University School of English and
    American Studies,
    AY 1987-1988, University of California Santa Barbara

  • Dr. Zoltán Illés, Secretary of State for Environment,
    AY 1995-1996,
    University of North Carolina

  • Dr. Géza Jeszenszky, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs,
    AY 1984-1985,
    University of California

  • Dr. András Kepes, Dean, Budapest College of Communication and Business,
    AY 1985-1986, Stanford University

  • Dr. Gyula Kodolányi, Former State Secretary; Editor-in-Chief,
    Hungarian Review,
    AY 1984-1985, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Dr. András Lánczi, Director, Institute for Political Science,
    Corvinus University of Budapest,
    AY 1997-1998, Louisiana University

  • Dr. Tamás Magyarics, Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland, Former
    Director, Hungarian Institute of International Affairs,
    AY 2001-2002, University of Texas, Austin and
    AY 2008-2009,
    Center for Strategic & International Studies

  • Dr. Katalin Nagy, Dean, University of Szeged,
    AY 2002-2003,
    Cornell Medical College, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  • Ms. Szilvia Perényi, Former Vice President of the Organizing Committee of
    Paraolympic Games, Atlanta 1996,
    AY 1994-1995, Florida State University

  • Dr. Miklós Persányi, Former Minister of Environment and Water, Director,
    Budapest ZOO,
    AY 1990-1991, Cornell University

  • Dr. Réka Szemerkényi, Former Secretary of State, Foreign and Security Policy,
    Office of the Prime Minister; President of the New Atlantic Initiative of Hungary,
    AY 1993-1994, Johns Hopkins University

  • Ms. Éva Tóth, poet, Vice President, Hungarian Pen Club,
    AY 1992-1993, University
    of Georgia