My Fulbright Experience I.

My Fulbright Experience I.  

Reports of Hungarian Grantees

Published by the Fulbright Commission, Budapest, 2006 
Hard copies are available at the Commission’s office upon request.

Foreword – My Fulbright Experience I.

AY 2002/2003 
József Andóczi-B.: Long-Awaited Letters from Here and There 
Péter Dávidházi: On Board of the “Fulbright Scholar” Ship: Research in America 
Miklós Kontra: Your Right to your Language 
Péter Kovács: Six months in Colorado 
Zoltán Kövecses: Cultural Variation in Metaphor1 
Gábor Lente: Oxidation of Halogenated and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons using Rhenium-based Catalysts 
Robert Marcz: Bonds 
Éva Mathey: Attempts at the Revision of the Treaty of Trianon in the Light of American Hungarian Relations in the Interwar Period 
Tamás Mihálydeák: The logical-philosophical basis of logical systems 
Péter Szűcs: The Most Frequent Value Method in Groundwater Modeling

AY 2003/2004 
Ferenc Bari: Mitochondrial mechanisms of perinatal hypoxic brain injury 
Tibor Fabiny: Trends in American Luther Research. Parallels Between Luther’s Theology and Shakespeare’s Hamlet
Judit Gerencsér: The USA and Hungary in Cleveland: Information processing as a bridge between two nations and cultures in past, present and future 
József Laczkó: Modeling the neural control and biomechanics of locomotion 
Ádám Molnár: Researching Literature in Minnesota. How Updike’s Fiction Meets Life in the Upper Midwest 
Judit Szabó Kovács: Determination of the hallmarks of gangs and drugs 
István Kornél Vida: Half year as Fulbright grantee at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

AY 2004/2005 
Zsuzsanna Balázsné Langó: Jefferson Davis’s Hungarians: Soldiers of Hungarian Birth in the Confederate Army 
Enikő Bollobás: A History of American Literature 
Géza Kállay: Philosophy and Literature – Literature and Philosophy 
Dávid Karátson: Comparative volcano geomorphological studies in the San Francisco, Springerville, Hopi Buttes and Mount Taylor volcanic fields 
Sándor Orbán: Journalism, Culture and Government in America 
László Rosivall: Nephrology Research