Hungarian Fulbright Association

Hungarian Fulbright Alumni Association

In 1991 the Hungarian Fulbright Association was established by Fulbright alumni to promote the goals of the Fulbright program even after the completion of their stay in the United States. The Association concentrates its efforts in the fields of culture, research and education. The Association is a non‑profit, legal entity to:

  • bring together Hungarian scholars who have returned from their Fulbright experiences in the United States and who support a continuing relationship among alumni in the spirit of the Fulbright Program;
  • assist American Fulbrighters and other scholars in adapting to local circumstances and to shape professional‑personal contacts between American and Hungarian scholars;
  • encourage relationships with other national Fulbright associations
  • organize and arrange conferences, excursions and other cultural programs

The Association of Hungarian Alumni is based in Budapest, but a Regional Chapter of the Alumni for South Hungary has been established in Szeged and a Regional Chapter of Alumni for North-East Hungary in Debrecen. More recently a regional chapter in Pécs and another one in Miskolc has been established. These chapters enjoy independency in working out and organizing programs and events associated with the promotion of US-Hungarian relations.

The website of the Hungarian Fulbright Alumni Association: