Fulbright Student Conference Papers III.

Reports of U.S. Grantees

All articles will be published on CD-ROM.

Foreword – Fulbright Student Conference Papers III.

AY 2007/2008 
Roderick Salisbury: Rejection of Urban Sedentism: Settlement Transitions in Southeast Hungarian Prehistory 
Craig Webster: The Legacy of Paul Erdős 
Jeannette Estruth: Classroom Politics: Gender Bias in Hungarian Higher Education 
Paul Morton: Marcell Jankovics and Ferenc Rofusz: The Grand Master and the Enfant Terrible of Hungarian Animation 
Damian Stamer: An Artist in Budapest: Building a Docent Program and Connecting Museums, Galleries, Artists and Viewers 
Barbara Lanciers: Contact and Collaboration: An Investigation into the Recent Relationship between the Theatre Cultures of Hungary and the US 
Hakan Seyalioglu: Number Theory and Educational Exchange in Hungary 
Matthew Smith: Egy amerikai az Amerikai Kuckóban

Westley Miller: Spectroscopic Investigation of Parsamian 21 and Development of Infrared Data Reduction 
Natalie Bowlus: Consumer Basket Analysis and Expected Co-Occurance of a Bipartite Graph 
Eric Lopez: Romani Education in Hungary: Observances and Experiences 
Randall Scotting: The Social and Cultural Implications of Hungarian Modern Classical Composers and Their Music 
Sarah Lynch: Italian Influence on the Hungarian Renaissance 
Robyn Russo: The Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching Across Cultures as a Fulbright ETA 
Maxwell Staley: The Social Context of a Modernist Poet: Endre Ady 
Shandor Hassan: Photographic Journey Through Time and Space