Fulbright Student Conference Papers II.

Fulbright Student Conference Papers II.  

Reports of U.S. Grantees

Published by the Fulbright Commission, Budapest, 2009 
Hard copies are available at the Commission’s office upon request.

Foreword – Fulbright Student Conference Papers II.

AY 2004/2005 
Anthony Noody: Socio-Economic Segregation and Urban Form in Post Socialist Budapest 
Linda Huang-McCullough: A Review of the Inaugural Year of the Hungarian-Chinese Bilingual Elementary School 
Matthew Douglas: Hungarian Folk Music And Jazz: Exploring New Concepts for Contemporary Improvised Music 
Lisa Overholser: Staging the Folk: A Suggested Framework for Researching Staged Folk Dance in Hungary 
John Mastrojohn: Development of Hospice Care in Pécs 
Elizabeth Szilágyi: Greenhouse Gas to Environmentally Friendly Compound: Mechanistic Study of Carbon Dioxide 
Katie Brooke Bagley: The Kodaly Method: Standardizing Hungarian Music Education

AY 2005/2006 
Kati Agocs: The Mechanics of Culture (Music Composition) 
Betsy Albright: Policy Learning in Response to Extreme Flood Events in the Tisza and Pannonian Central Danube River Basins 
J. Ashlin Halfnight: A Trilogy Of Budapest Plays 
Michael Coons: The Emergence of Modern Number Theory in Hungary 
Margit Zsolnay: In their Own Words: The Reflections of Hungarian Youth on Self, Family and Culture 
Stephanie Jakus: Modular Symbol Algorithms, Computational Number Theory, and the Millennium Problems 
Sandra Doan: The Hungarian School of Pianism

AY 2006/2007 
Brennan Decker: Biophysics in Pécs: Atomic force microscopy and spectroscopy of synthetic myosin thick filaments 
Brandon Alleman: Phosphoglycerate Kinase 
Nichole Fiore: Analysing Social and Economic Mobility for the Roma in Hungary: A Look at Government Initiatives and International Responses 
Lynn Brickley: Acting as a Role Model and a Resource: Student Development through Education and Advising 
Inna Livitz: Monumental Politics