Fulbright Intercountry Lecturing Program


The Fulbright Intercountry Lecturing Program provides US scholars while in Europe with opportunities to enrich their professional and cultural experience outside of their country of assignment.

The Hungarian-American Fulbright Commission participates in the Fulbright Intercountry Lecturer Program, which provides Hungarian institutions an opportunity to invite Fulbright grantees from other countries in Europe to lecture in Hungary.

The Hungarian-American Commission is willing to provide grantees with support for travel costs under the following conditions:

  • (a) if the involved Commissions concur with the applicant travel plans;
  • (b) if the applicant’s travel plans do not conflict with any other grant-related commitments in the country of his/her assignment
  • (c) if the inviting university agrees to cover on-site costs by providing meals and accommodation or an honorarium to cover those costs, or a combination of the aforementioned.

The Commission also will reimburse participants in this program for the costs of local transportation to and from train stations/airports in the participant’s country of origin in Europe and in Hungary, if conventional public modes of transportation are taken and corresponding receipts are submitted. Please discuss travel arrangements with the Commission before booking tickets or making financial commitments. The Commission will not assume responsibility for contributing towards the costs of travel unless they have been cleared in advance. Please mail or fax these materials to the Commission in Budapest. 
We also request that your institutional host provide the Commission with a brief invitation.


1. Potential host institutions consult the Fulbright Scholar Program website (fulbrightscholars.org) to identify US Fulbright scholar in Europe whom they want to invite.

2. Potential host institutions forward their invitation by e-mail to their local binational Commission. A typical invitation letter should include the following:

  • dates of the event
  • activity in which the US Fulbright scholar will be involved
  • form of cost-sharing proposed by the inviting institution
  • form of acknowledgement of the Fulbright support

3. The local binational Fulbright Commission is responsible for forwarding the invitation to its counterpart.

4. If selected, the grantee will be responsible for making his or her own travel arrangements. Please note that grants are made on the basis of an economy class return travel, by the most direct route. Receipts should be kept and forwarded to the participating binational commission with bank information to facilitate rapid transfer of the funds.

5. Participating binational commissions usually require a short narrative report of grant experience before reimbursing travel expenses.