Focus on alumni: Elemér Hankiss

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Hankiss ElemérDr. Elemér Hankisshas been promoting democratic ideals in Hungary for much of the past 30 years. After his Fulbright exchange in 1979, he returned to a regime in which criticism could warrant imprisonment. Yet Dr. Hankiss devoted himself to researching and writing on the values of a democratic society, which influenced many books and research in years following the Kadar regime.

Dr. Hankiss now serves as a Senior Fellow in the Institute of Political Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Outside of his position, he has created a social travel guide to list active non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Hungary, initiated the “Adopt a Village” program to bring attention to poor rural villages, and compiled a “Talent Map of Hungary” to link community leaders and small grassroots businesses throughout the nation.

On the Fulbright program, Dr. Hankiss, in his own words, “gained courage to take part in public life and say no to things that were inhuman or not democratic.” Praised for his modest spirit, Dr. Hankiss has exemplified his strong commitment to encourage the development of democracy in Hungary tirelessly since his exchange.

Focus on alumni: Zoltán Illés

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Illés ZoltánZoltán Illés, State Secretary for Environmental Affairs reflects fondly on his Humphrey Experience

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship was a particular, life long experience with several positive effects on my personal and professional development. From among the many, I would like to mention three very important positive component of the program.

Being a Humphrey fellow meant to be a member of an international group of highly qualified people from all over the world. It gave us the possibility to earn a quite diverse view of the world; we had the chance to live, work, study in a multicultural environment, to experience different ways of thinking. Besides learning a lot from our professors and professional partners, we learnt a lot from each other, too.

The program was quite flexible professionally, applicable to personal needs and opened all doors. We received all assistance in arranging our professional activities and in applying possibilities offered to our personal needs.

The Humphrey Program has a high prestige in the U.S. and all over the world. Being a Humphrey Fellow gives a magic password. It’s a life long experience, it means being a member of an elite club – which brings devotion, too. As a Humphrey Fellow, I experienced a lot of help and now as a Humphrey Alumni I am devoted to provide help and assistance to future fellows, to the Fulbright Program.

Social Science Education Consortium Annual Conference

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The Commission hosted the Welcome Reception and session of Social Science Education Consortium 2010 Annual Conference led by Murry Nelson (’07 University of Debrecen).

Demján Sándor Foundation donation

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Lovassy TamásOn March 31, 2010 Dr. Tamás Lovassy, Chair of the Board, Demján Sándor Foundation and Huba Brückner, Executive Director signed an Agreement to support the education of a Hungarian student in the United States in the field of Technology.

Fulbright grantees’ visit to Pécs

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Every month the Commission organizes a trip for U.S. Fulbrighters. This time our destination was the city of Pécs, European Capital of Culture 2010.

Fulbright Alumnus honored with award

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Tamás Ungvári (’86 Claremont-McKenna College) received the prestigious Széchenyi Award from President László Sólyom on the recommendation of the Prime Minister in recognition of a lifetime of achievements.

Connected to NIU School of Art

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An article on Andrea Kárpáti (’09 Northern Illinois University) who remained connected to NIU School of Art after returning to Hungary.

Hungarian Cultural Ambassador 2010

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Péter Forgács (’06 NYU) has been appointed Hungarian Cultural Ambassador 2010. The title set up in 2007 is granted to persons who promote and represent Hungarian culture and Hungary abroad.

Visegrad Group Fulbright Commissions at NAFSA

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Central European Universities were represented by Visegrad Group Fulbright Commissions at the NAFSA Conference between May 25-30, 2008, Washington, DC. The Conference attracted 9,600 delegates from over 140 countries and highlighted a joint presence of the Visegrád Countries Fulbright Commissions.

NAFSA, the Association of International Educators is a member organization promoting international education and providing professional development opportunities to the field.