Activities of the Commission

The Hungarian Fulbright Program is one of the largest programs in the region. Within the core Fulbright Program, the Commission tries to achieve a balance between the natural and physical sciences and the social sciences, humanities and the arts. Awards go not only to individual scholars from the academic world but also to specialists in increasingly important areas, such as environmental protection, business, management, micro and macroeconomics, and public and health administration. The Commission also focuses special attention on fields where HungarianAmerican cooperation promises longterm benefits. Included are the study of American society, culture, literature, sciences and institutions. The Commission continues to work with established and developing centers of American Studies in Hungary to strengthen their course offerings and support their research activities.

While the core of this program remains academic at the post graduate level and beyond, the need for deeper cultural understanding transcends the universities. Therefore, in the last several years the Commission has encouraged greater participation from applicants in traditionally non-academic fields as well.

The main activities of the Fulbright Commission in Hungary are:

  • running the Fulbright Program
  • providing educational advising services to the Hungarian and non Hungarian public
  • operating a computer-based test center
  • maintain a harmonious partnership with the Fulbright Alumni Association.