My Fulbright Experience III.

Reports of Hungarian Grantees

Published on CD-ROM by the Fulbright Commission, Budapest, 2012
Copies are available at the Commission’s office upon request.

AY 2007/2008
Attila Cserép: Idiom Analyzability and Variation
Nóra Deák: Hungarian heritage in the United States: From the George Washington Awards Dinner to the Hungarian Festival
Dóra Fazekas: Research at Columbia University in the City of New York – The land of opportunity
Tímea Kovács: The Socio-cognitive Constraints Governing Hungarian-English Code-switching: An Optimality Theoretical Approach
Pál Pepó: Improvement of environmental awareness through education and promotion of US-Hungarian collaboration
Szabolcs Portschy: How To Design Together? – Community Architecture
Katalin Szikora: Comparative Analysis of the Hungarian and American Physical Education One of the Pioneers of Modern Physical Education and Sport: New England

AY 2008/2009
Samu Gryllus: Music for solo world
Csaba Köves: The Seven Wonders of an Exchange
Lilla Nagy: Public Diplomacy – research on country reputation
Péter Rada: A Comprehensive Research at the Leading Universities on the Field of Democratization and Statebuilding
Ágnes Zsigmond: Deveploment of new heterogeneous catalyst for selective synthesis

AY 2009/2010
László B. Sári: Literary Men of the New Millennium
Eszter Kirs: New York, New York… a Fulbrighter in the Big Apple
Krisztina Stump: New York Stories: Impressions of a Year at Columbia Law School in the City that… does not let you sleep either
Gabriella Vöő: American fiction

AY 2010/2011
Attila Borsos: Long-term safety trends related to vehicle ownership in 26 countries
Boglárka Erdei: Systematics and biogeographic history of Cenozoic cycads: Comparative study of North American and European fossil cycad remains
Gergely Röst: Delay differential models and transmission dynamics of infectious diseases – in the shadow of the Saguaros
Attila Kárai: Once Upon a Time in Texas: Researching Contemporary Mexican American Fiction at TCU
Péter Paizs: Lingua Spectra
Anikó Prepuk: Jews in Metropolitan Transformations of New York City
Balázs Venkovits: The Study of Hungarian Travel Writing: Challenges, Opportunities, and Findings