My Fulbright Experience II.

My Fulbright Experience II.  

Reports of Hungarian Grantees

Published by the Fulbright Commission, Budapest, 2008 
Hard copies are available at the Commission’s office upon request.

Foreword – My Fulbright Experience II.

AY 2005/2006 
Máté Csanád: High Energy Nuclear Physics at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider 
Gábor Gyulai: Ancient Citrullus DNA-unlocking Domestication Events 
Ágnes Juhász: Teaching at North Valley High School 
György Kovács: Research at Harvard Law School 
Veronika Kusz: Florida’s Youthful Oldster: Ernő Dohnányi in Tallahassee 
Tibor Laczkó: A Lexical-Functional Approach to Inflectional and Word Order Phenomena in Hungarian and English 
Lídia Márton: In Defense of the Public Interest 
Edit Nádasi: Tyrosine Phosphorylation Pathways and Oncogenesis 
Károly Németh: Mio/Pliocene Phreatomagmatic Volcanism in Idaho in Association with a Changing Fluvio-lacustrine Environment and its Comparison with Young Basaltic Volcanic Fields in the Pannonian Basin 
Zita Zoltayné Paprika: Decision Making Skills in Upgrading Business Performance

AY 2006/2007 
Ágnes Adroviczné Tüske: Together We Made a Difference 
Csaba Békés: Teaching Cold War History at New York University 
Győző Jordán: Geochemical Modeling for the Contamination Risk Assessment of Mineral Deposits and Mines 
László Z. Karvalics: 1961 – The Birth of the Information Society in the United States 
Beatrix Kotlan: Novel Findings to Establish a new Generation of Breast Cancer Diagnostic and Therapeutic Immunoconjugates 
Zsolt Kovács: My Fulbright Experience – the American dream 
Gabriella Moise: Abysmal Reflections in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse 
Szabolcs Pogonyi: Charles Taylor. Philosophy and Politics, 2007 
Tünde Sóspataki: Hungarians Everywhere 
Katalin T. Bíró: Fulbright R/L Scholarship at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Department of Anthropology