Fulbright Student Conference Papers I.

Fulbright Student Conference Papers I.  

Reports of U.S. Grantees

Published by the Fulbright Commission, Budapest, 2004 
Hard copies are available at the Commission’s office upon request.

Foreword – Fulbright Student Conference Papers I.

AY 2002/2003 
Cecily Morisson: Not about Nationalism: The Role of Folk Song in Identity Process 
Monica Szabo: Hungarian Art Song 
Maxine G. Sleeper: The Movement Toward Anti-Discrimination and Integration of Roma in Hungary 
Patrick Burlingame: Ethnic Hungarian Minorities: Past, Present, and Future 
Amy H. Liu: The Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on the Hungarian Agrarian Sector 
Jesse Alama: The Logical Structure of Relativity 
Richard D. Moore: Teaching Assistant at Debrecen University

AY 2003/2004 
Mary Taylor: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Historical and Institutional Precedents of the Hungarian Dance-House Movement 
David F. Chapman: Theatre in Budapest, Budapest in Theatre: A Narrative and Dramatic Account of a City, its Stages, and an Interloping Writer 
Erika Sólyom: A Sociolinguistic Study of Shifting Formalities in Hungarian Urban Discourse 
Dallas Long: Unlocking Hungary’s Libraries: a Case for a Digital Library at Berzsenyi College 
Karl Brown: Stalinization and its Discontents: Crime, “Deviance,” and Subcultures in Hungary, 1948-1956 
William J. Eichmann: Mesolithic Hunter-Gatherers in the Carpathian Basin And the Spread of Agriculture in Europe 
Adam Marcus: Turán-type Problems in Extremal Combinatorics 
David Eger: Internationalizing Software and Other Projects: A Day in the Life of an Open Source Developer 
Angela Bennett: Instructing and Advising: the Dual Role of a Teaching Assistant in Budapest