Fulbright Awards

The Hungarian-American Commission for Educational Exchange offers approximately 30-35 scholarships annually for study, teaching and research in the United States at the graduate (Master’s or Ph.D) or post-doctoral level. The awards vary from round-trip travel to grants covering all expenses for an academic year.

For Hungarians

A Fulbright Magyar-Amerikai Oktatási Csereprogram Bizottság örömmel hirdeti meg a 2024/2025-ös tanévre szóló ösztöndíjait

For U.S. Citizens

Scholarship opportunities for U.S. Citizens to Hungary: Fulbright Scholar Program, Fulbright Student Program

Hosting U.S. Grantees

Magyar intézmények számára lehetőség amerikai Fulbrightosok fogadására

Information for Fulbright Grantees

Various useful links for U.S. and Hungarian Grantees